Country CEO Siemens Switzerland Gerd Scheller – Diversity through openness

Gerd Scheller CEO Siemens Switzerland

The Role Models in Tech initiatve was launched by four leading companies in Switzerland. One of these companies is Siemens Switzerland. The campaign is especially supported by the leadership teams. As such we asked their leadership teams to tell us, why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not only important for their company, but for them personally. For Gerd Scheller, Country CEO Siemens Switzerland, Diversity is more than Gender diversity. It is being open and being different in views and approaches leading to better results.

In a recent interview, Gerd has shared with us why Siemens is part of this campaign. For him, Diversity is not only important for the company, but overall. Being part of the Role Models in Tech campaign, he clearly commits to not neglect 50% of the population when talking about the lack of skills and talents.

Watch the full interview with Gerd Scheller here:

Thank you Gerd Scheller for being a Role Model in Tech and leading the way for more Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the tech Industry in Switzerland by including everyone in our society to be part of tech.

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