We are committed to walk the diversity talk!

Being leading companies of the campaign, we pledge to change the status quo of gender diversity in our tech teams with our commitments. As such, we have clearly defined clear actions, that we want to achieve within 9 to 12 months since the start of the campaign in April 2022.

Together in a cross-company collaboration, we have identified four focus areas we will be working on work on:

  • Work models, such as part time and job sharing
  • Leadership, enforce diversity on management level
  • Biased behavior, raise awareness and influence change
  • Role Models, promotion of role models to inspire and empower others

By focusing on these areas and committing to change, we want to initiate a cultural change in our companies and tech teams. Changing our culture allows us to increase diversity, and create an inclusive work environment. We are leading the way to enable other companies to follow our path.

These are the commitments of the leading companies

Axa as one of the leading companies and their commitments
  • Career changer program for 2 female employees
  • Unconscious bias training for all leadership mandatory
  • Job-sharing positions, while all job positions will be posted as 50-100%
  • Promote 3 role models internally and externally
  • Mentor at least 10 women and follow up on the progress made
  • Bias training for the leadership team and syndication throughout the team
  • 10 role models promoted on our website
Cognizant as one of the leading companies and their commitments
Novartis as one of the leading companies and their commitments
  • Promote data42 women role models by sharing the career journey of 3 of our diverse talents with a focus on diversity, gender parity in leadership and pharma tech by March 2023.
  • Launch Girls in Tech female mentoring program to support with a minimum of 10 mentors from data42 team by March 2023
  • Raise awareness of unconscious bias by promoting Novartis D&I unconscious bias training once a year in data42
  • Embracing Novartis D&I priorities and focus on female representation at every level in data42 by March 2023
  • We are committed to sharing our best NVS DE&I practices with other companies by providing information on 3 effective strategies (Choice with Responsibility, Global parental leave, Epic Pay transparency) our area applies to get the full potential of our diverse talent by the end of the campaign
  • At least 5 job sharing positions created
  • At least 100 people have been educated on DEI topics with a focus on recruiting and line management
  • 10 role models nominated and presented externally and internally
Siemens as one of the leading companies and their commitments